Pandemics? It’s all about people (demics)

Pandemic: Actually, I just wanted to call this site ‘pandemic’, but that and its various iterations were already gone.  So, I came back, in reverse order:  to Justice, Truth, and Beauty as my core values.

The ugliness we have to face today, is the Soul Virus causing the spread of the Ebola virus.  Weak health systems (due to lack of support or funds) and lack of Trust in government authorities lead to the spread of a virus that is easily contained with the most basic of infectious disease control: hand hygiene and other close contact measures are all that are needed for a disease that is usually only infectious after the person is already very ill with the infection.

As usual, humanity focuses on the symptom and not the root cause: poor management and governance of public resources.

Maybe we need a pandemic to teach us the obvious; but I hope that we can be wise enough to learn from past mistakes.  If the H1N1 flu had been more severe, we have proven that we have the wrong model for vaccine manufacture.  Yet, not change to that – nor the banking system that seems, to some, to be at the root of all evil in our society.

As parents, we need to separate the behaviour from the child.  This is why it is inexcusable to use physical discipline, for with that we attack the latter rather than the former. We change negative behaviour by focussing on, and encouraging,  the positive.  Every five minutes, I am told!

The world is sick.

A soul virus, I believe, has infected our beings.  Or perhaps our doings.  We are the corrupt children of a vicious world where all that counts in the end is raw survival. When we can truly see ourselves, and perhaps understand why we will always need government to control that element, despite the potentially despotic nature of our governments (said, Tom Paine the inspiration for Jefferson).

There are always bad eggs.

The more important truth for humanity is that there is no individual; it is part of the story we tell ourselves.  Helps survival; but bears little relation to the limited part of what we can understand reality might be.  I like to keep repeating this consoling fact for the strange thoughts in my head:  “The world always makes a lot more sense in your head than it does in reality”.

But back to pandemics.

The world’s governments have shown themselves incompetent to prevent the spread of an easily controllable disease.  Who is accountable?

And far worse, the carnage and suffering in Syria and Gaza.  To whom does the account go?

Perhaps to each one of us who allow such a global system of injustice to persist.  When all it would take would be for each one of us to say: No more.  We can have today a single global exchange system that will make all national money redundant overnight.  And with this system not only prevent most crime and tax evasion, but also generate the funds needed for delivery of public health, education and income support without needing to any more resort to income taxes.

A new form of money that works across the globe, without political interference and providing for local control of use of  public funds for health, education and so on.  Money can be the new unifier across the world, and bring peace to the world.


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