Chance, Trust, and Faith

Please don’t read!  :)t’will only upset thee, yet likely not thy worldview.

I fear ’tis humanity’s false worldview at root of our ailments: self-destructive tendencies poison & destroy our home planet with industrial efficiency; social injustice with needless suffering & loss from preventable poverty & disease.  But I think there is a way forward: Truth, Justice & Beauty!

The first step is to understand the problem, then, address its root causes. Is Climate Change a major threat that humanity must address?  

Humanity does not seem to share a common view, despite clear scientific consensus on most key points.  Daily more Carbon [C] enters the air (as methane [CH3], dioxide [CO2] and a whole range more]. The impact of these atmospheric changes are well established, and we are already experiencing more extreme climate events.

Of greater concern is the perhaps universal phenomenon of unpredictable threshold effects: after years of slowly progressive change, a ‘tipping point’ leads to dramatic and radical change of a different nature.  So why is there such little demand for action; and so much opposition?

Probably, the same reasons tobacco companies continued to insist that the science was not conclusive on the harms of smoking.  But in addition to the myopic self-interest of the rich, is a false assumption that many share: that all solutions are found in the Divine.

Which they are, of course.  But think of Divine action not as the cause, but the result of ours.  As key instruments of the Divine,  humanity itself must first act.  Not expect salvation just by Divine grace; by G-d’s whim?

Humanity created from the fact of its existence a Divine Order, and in many cases a personal Creator.  But Science can now explain our existence from simple molecules without the need for a Creator.  Science may not have the whole story, and could be wrong; but so far the story is pretty compelling if you are able and willing to pay attention.

It may have taken most of Earth’s 4.5b year history to get to the stage of proteins and DNA being able to replicate each other; from this, and after the Cognitive Revolution of about 70k years ago, human consciousness and self-awareness emerges. And with it a demand for stories, perhaps because they are good learning tools.  And stories demand moral meaning, the Creation story more than most. The value of moral teachings apply, whether or not the underlying story is true .  This is the mythos of ancient greeks as opposed to the logos or rational, empiric evidence.  We need both, as physics not only has no direction to time, nor provides any moral compass.

The world is probably all random chance; chance can cause miracles.  If you calculated the odds of life-like-us emerging, how likely do you think it would be?  Well, actually we know the answer is 1; the miracle of life has occurred.  As far as we can tell form no more than a set of relatively simple chemical combinations between a few common molecules [C, H, O, N, P, S providing the basic scaffolding for life’s biochemical reaction] that are able to replicate and make mistakes.

Natural selection of the ones who survive, leads to our ancestors’ and our survival.

Sadly, we are today poorly differentiated to the different content and critique of these two kinds of stories, and perhaps not hearing enough stories that help us live life, without necessarily correctly understanding it.  After all, life is mostly illusion; as is the ego that you are convinced is you; as am I.  Of course, there is a body which being and reflection seem to require writing this.

The amazing complexity of this Earth and the Universe, all originating from a single point of pure energy, is beyond conception.  But that burst of energy is an image of a Creator that we can have: truly indifferent to human affairs?  And the fabric of the universe somehow woven of consciousness; when humanity can focus its collective energies on helping others, what solutions and gifts will we find?  One gift is that we will have proved G-d’s existence, a positive Divine order, through our actions.

It seems to me more likely to me that Humanity created G-d in its image, rather than vice versa.  (Have you heard of the two creation stories in the Bible?  One equal creation; the other story better known from Adam’s rib.  The later insertion, possibly related to the patriarchy taking over the traditionally female domain of gathering from the fields in the agricultural revolution.)

If we embrace the beauty of our creation, G-d and His unconditional love for us; can we build on that and ‘prove’ the existence of G-d, not through metaphysical experience, but by the collective good that we create as humanity?

We have the potential to recognise the true unity of not just all human life, but all life on this planet and the preciousness that comes from a single brief period of existence, on this most remarkable Earth, at a time when we have the capacity to create a new Eden. (We need to re-form the bonds that join all of us together on this strange mission of life; and now we have the tools to do so.)

Yes, perhaps there is some Divine personality that is the driving force of this strange and wondrous, still expanding at an accelerating rate, Universe.  Our ancestors, with increasing consciousness, and the development of ‘fictive language’ found or invented angels and spirits of nature and the gods of limited powers (today’s superhero).  But all of these supernatural beings were subordinate to the Divine Way, the Tao.  When the many gods were replaced by a single G-d, people had to create the devil to make any sense of an all-knowing, all-seeing, and-good and all-powerful God; else how to explain evil?


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