Daily Prompt: Disagree

via Daily Prompt: Disagree

Agreeable it is to agree; but comfort zone offers no growth.

The real question is, can I really listen to the other, or do my internal voices drown out all others?  Honest disagreement can be more constructive in sharpening an idea than agreement.  Learning to listen seems really hard for our poor brains: designed for hunter-gatherer life.  It is the power of words/ideas that allowed our species to organise: agreement is the norm.

Our hidden biases, mental flaws, and defective models can lead to poor decision-making.  By disagreeing we help our friends and family to better decisions.  With science banishing “Free Will” to myth, we still have free choice in our actions.  Ironically, believing that there is no FW, makes us behave worse – easier to give ourselves a pass.

If there is no FW, why do we allow Criminal Justice system to exacerbate the inequities and iniquities of our worlds?  And if we do not disagree with an unjust system; are we not then complicit in its evil?  To disagree is a core part of being human and seeking the better angels of our nature.  But like all human tools can also be used for bad.  The difference is perhaps our motive: from ego or alter?


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