I bring some strange perspectives, it seems.  To me it is just the logic of my experiences and education.  Five degrees, I can claim.  Never quite reaching the sixth degree of PhD, but medical doctor whose focus and training in addressing the ills of populations rather than individuals.

I have been trying to re-enter clinical practice since my return to Wellington, NZ in June 2014.  But have yet to find the right path.  Meanwhile I am learning computer science and calculus from the wonderful on-line resources, especially Coursera.  (Interesting to learn that the maths for neural networks is logistic regression and matrix algebra).

After my medical training, I worked in most of the medical and surgical specialties, but found general practice the most satisfying.  And managed to continue part-time, while I trained for and then worked in public health.  Most of my work has been on immunization, for the NZ Ministry of Health; and for the past 15 years working internationally, for WHO and then UNICEF.

While working in New York for UNICEF, I met Camille and we were graced with Ava just over 3 years ago.  And we decided to return home to Wellington so that she could be close to my two adult daughters.

With a desire to change the world, to build a new system of global governance with local control that the Data Age allows; and history may even demand.  The logical history of humanity is a single empire.  If can be more efficient, just and maximising our collective welfare.

I want to start dreaming and drawing this new system.  And to do so, need to address the many viruses of the soul that are leading humanity to behave badly.  And build on the virtues of the soul.

Dr Oz Mansoor, 23 Sep 2014


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